Facility and Inmate Benefits

    Facility Benefits

  • Direct visitation.The HomeWAV system saves countless hours for correction officers and administrative staff. No operator assistance is required to conduct visits. No operator assistance is required to schedule visits.

  • Increased Security. Placement of stations in secure areas eliminates need to move inmates for visitation. No-contact visits reduce risks for contraband transfer. 100% recording and monitoring of all visits is provided.

  • Cost Effective. HomeWAV is offered to correctional facilities at a significantly lower cost than our competitors. For a minimal investment, the HomeWAV system can be provided and installed on any wall that has power and will be network ready at the selected station location

    Inmate and Family Benefits

  • Families stay connected. Visiting family members or friends is an important way to maintain connections during incarceration and enhance the inmate’s success both while incarcerated and after release.


  • Inmates can visit their spouses, kids, parents, grandparents, and friends in a less traumatic and more natural environment. It can be comforting to see that their homes and families are OK. They can even see their pets.

  • Many facilities don’t allow young children to enter facilities to visit inmates.

  • Hours of visitation can be expanded due to the reduced staff requirements and can take place seven days a week and throughout the day, as the facility dictates.

  • The cost to visit is minimal when compared with travel expenses or taking time off from work. Generally the costs are comparable to making a collect telephone call from the facility.

  • There is NO MINIMUM CALL length and NO CONNECTION FEES. An inmate’s children can say goodnight, from the comfort of their own home, for the cost of a one minute visit.

  • Family and friends are spared the distress and difficulties involved with traveling and making visits in a jail or prison environment and can visit at more convenient hours. Family members from distant locations can now more easily visit their loved ones more frequently.

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